How to Track PPC Success

success-stairsBefore you proceed, have a tracking system in place. Define what success means to you. Be prepared for the multiple variables in online advertising that can impact a campaign’s success. Tracking points to evaluate may include some of the following:

– Per keyword or phrase

– Per engine (Google vs. Yahoo! vs. Bing)

– Per offer (“Free Trial,” “Save 20 Percent,” “Offer Expires by “)

– Site-targeted ads (pay-per-click ads on sites)

– Local ads

– Per landing page (You may test several landing pages to see what converts best by setting up unique URLs using Google URL Builder or a similar tool.)

– Time of day

– Day of week

– National

– Regional

– Geographic locations of traffic

– Frequency of ads viewed

– Interest groups

– Industries

– Web behaviors (sites visited, shopping habits, shopping trends)

– Traffic

– Conversions

– Conversion rate (percentage of visitors that take a desired action)

– Quality of conversions

– Return on investment

– Customer feedback

– Interactivity

– Google search network

– Google content network

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