OpenX: How to Display Banners With Different Sizes in One Zone

openx-logoAs a freelancer I have many different tasks I performs for my clients (and myself).

I’m also OpenX specialist so I’m constantly receiving many questions about this great banner delivery PHP script. Here is how to solve the problem when you need display banners with different sizes in a single zone.

How to display banners with different sizes in a single OpenX zone

Let’s supose that you need to display banners with sizes 468×60 (full banner) and 728×90 (leaderboard) in a single website’s zone.

The trick is to create a zone without choosing predefined zone size, but specify a custom size of * for width and size that will make any ad size to fit in it.

1) Create a zone as usual (or edit existing one)

2) Instead choosing one of predefinied values for zone size, select the last option “Custom” that will let you to enter custom width and heigh.

3) Enter * in fields for width and height.

After you save the changes, you are free to link any size banner to this zone.

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