Email List Segmentation

Segmentation will save your lists. Too many organizations e-mail to the same list over and over rather than segmenting it into specific groups to serve relevant content. Why work to ...

Avoiding Email List Unsubscription

The best way to avoid email list unsubscription is to send quality, relevant messages. Deliver what was promised and what the user wants. Communicate when you or your organization have ...

Customer Email List Questionnaire Best Practices

The initial sign-in (or sign-up) screen is a good opportunity to ask clarifying questions and get detailed information on each customer. You can ask questions about their e-mailing ...

About Spam

E-mail marketing’s prolific evil twin is known as spam. According to a 2009 McAfee Threats Report, spam accounts for 92 percent of all e-mails. That’s about 183 million ...

How Not to Build Email List

A business card exchange is not permission to add someone to your e-mail list. A quality opt-in (confirmed request to send information) or double opt-in list is the best way to go. ...

How to Build Email List

If you are interested in growing your e-mail list, there are some pretty easy ways to do so. Put your opt-in form everywhere, such as: - Every page on your website (or at least on your ...
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