Avoiding Email List Unsubscription

email-fingertouchThe best way to avoid email list unsubscription is to send quality, relevant messages. Deliver what was promised and what the user wants. Communicate when you or your organization have something important to say. Most websites see an annual churn rate of 25 to 30 percent. The more relevant the content to the users, the lower the churn rate will be.

A strategic online marketing tip that can sometimes help slow a churn rate is to offer e-mail preference changes at the bottom of every e-mail. If the e-mails aren’t striking the right chord, the user can go in and modify their settings. This reduces the unsubscribing rate, as it offers the option to optimize message preferences to what the recipient wants.

E-mail list hygiene is a real term in the e-mail marketing world. Keeping a list current, scrubbed, and polished can amplify the power of the delivery. Many marketers are afraid to let e-mail addresses go, but people who do not open e-mails after three to six deliveries, consistently take no action, or bounce (meaning the e-mail address is no longer active or the inbox is overflowing) should be removed from a list to optimize results. Before names are scrubbed, it can be a good idea to do a “clean up” to try to re-engage potential customers (segment them with new lists that are specific to the behavior being targeted) who haven’t opened or acted on recent e-mails. Special offers often reignite interest.

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