Symfony v2.6.0 Released

symfony_logo_01Symfony is a PHP web application framework for MVC applications. Symfony is free software and released under the MIT license.

Version 2.6.0 has just been released and it comes with more than 100 new features and enhancements.

You can read the UPGRADE from 2.5 to 2.6 guide to learn more about new ways of doing things and deprecated features that will be removed in 3.0.

What’s new in Symfony v2.6.0

Form improvements

Twitter Bootstrap form theme
added “label_format” option
trace of form errors in the profiler
add allow_extra_fields option on forms
added Doctrine entity manager instance support for em option
choice children can be template customized like collection
improve transformation failure message by providing property path
add allow_html5 option to date and time FormType to disable HTML5 input type

Validation improvements

expression validator now processes null values
added error codes to all constraints with multiple error causes
made it possible to store the cause of a constraint violation
added date support to comparison constraints and Range
added “payload” option to all constraints for attaching domain-specific data
added ConstraintViolation::getConstraint()
support “maxSize” given in KiB
disallowed empty file in FileValidator

Debugging improvements

enhanced error messages for uncaught exceptions
container:debug: list services if no service match exactly the name argument
new VarDumper Component and DebugBundle
error handler in production
generic ErrorHandler
removed the scope from the output of the container:debug command
added some file link format handling
added an action to show error pages in kernel.debug mode
added link to the output of debug function
improved debug:event-dispatcher

Enhancements of existing features

handled circular references in the Serializer
made the stopwatch service always available
added compare method to CSS selector specificity
added retrieval of Timer sections
exposed configuration of PropertyAccess
added support for slicing nodes in Dom Crawler
added a switch to delete file after the response is send
add support for streams as Process input
MongoDbSessionHandler supports auto expiry via configurable expiry_field
ResponseHeaderBag::clearCookie now accepts secure/httpOnly
enhanced PdoSessionHandler
added ParameterBag::getBoolean
added support for object-maps in YAML
added a way to match a specific scheme in RequestMatcher
added support for skipping commands from ConsoleCommandEvent
added some methods to improve the handling of auto_mapping feature
throw Exception on copying from an unreadable file or to an unwritable file
added support for encoding and decoding namespaced xml
provide a compiler pass for doctrine to register namespace aliases

Better extensibility/reusability improvements

Expression language extensibility
moved cache to Translation component
allowed overloading ContextListener::refreshUser()
extracted method to instantiate controller in ControllerResolver
split of the SecurityContext
made it possible to override the default success/failure handler

DX improvements

added shortcut methods to controllers
added additional helper commands to control PHP’s built-in web server
added a new service to simplify password encoding
added an AbstractVoter implementation
made assets:install smarter with symlinks
added simple placeholders into search form
made return value similar to error.json.twig
made assets-install –relative equivalent to –symlink –relative
added a new syntax to define DI factories as callables
ProgressBar developer experience
added Controller::isCsrfTokenValid
added value of DateTime object to ValueExporter
added error helpers

Translation improvements

added target-language
added support for <note>
added method to expose collected message
added LoggingTranslator
moved cache to Translation component
enabled translation:update for app folder

Various new features

AJAX requests in the symfony profiler toolbar
SSI support
added a Process helper
added a LockHandler
ensured whole number floats have their data type is persisted.
added acl:set command
PropertyNormalizer: a new normalizer that maps an object’s properties to an array
added a REMOTE_USER based listener to security firewalls


You can download and test new version from

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