GIMP 2.8.6 Released

gimp-2.8-logoGIMP is an popular image manipulation program and version 2.8.6 was released a couple of days ago.

This is the stable branch of GIMP and here is the overview of changes in GIMP v2.8.6

What’s new in GIMP 2.8.6


- Fix saving to URIs, it was broken to only allow exporting, and fix
save/export of compressed files
- Fix brush spacing for drawing in any direction
- Increase the maximum size of clipboard brushes and patterns to 1024×1024
- Make sure data objects are saved when only their name was changed


- Don’t allow single-window docks to shrink smaller than their requisition
- Make sure a single-window’s right docks keep their size across sessions
- Allow to change the spacing of non-generated brushes again
- In single-window mode, make Escape move the focus to the canvas,
and beep if the focus is already there
- Be smarter about unavailable fonts, and don’t crash
- Make clicking the single-window’s close button quit GIMP
- Make view-close (Ctrl+W) only close image windows and tabs, not docks


- Add SIGNED_ROUND() which also rounds negative values correctly


- Make GIMP_PLUGIN_DEBUG work again after GLib changed logging
- Fix zealous crop for transparent borders


- Added Hungarian translation


- Add a default “Color from Gradient” dynamics and tool preset


- Lots of bug fixes
- Lots of translation updates


The latest version is available for download at

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3 Responses to “GIMP 2.8.6 Released”

  1. Albin says:

    Get it into the repos, Ubuntu.

    • Piers says:

      Already in the ARCH repo! Gimp rocks and ARCH is the best change I ever made! Used to be a Ubuntu fan but not so much anymore! :-)

  2. n.mohamedsalman says:

    i like gimp verymuch

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