How to Build Email List

email-spamIf you are interested in growing your e-mail list, there are some pretty easy ways to do so.

Put your opt-in form everywhere, such as:

– Every page on your website (or at least on your most popular pages) – The signature of your e-mail – Coupons, printed ads, and marketing materials – Landing pages from pay-per-click ads or marketing e-mails – Confirmation of purchase e-mails or printed sales receipts – Social media like Facebook

Here are some incentives to offer people in order to motivate a sign-up:

– Coupons/discounts

– White papers/e-books

– Webinars

– A multiple e-mail mini-course on your topic

– Contests

– Videos/podcasts

Note that, in today’s world of mass communication and overflowing e-mail inboxes, the likelihood of someone feeling motivated to take action on a “Sign up for our e-mail newsletter” call to action is next to nothing. This type of call to action has zero value to the person contemplating whether or not they want to sign up. Instead, communicate the type of content (the value) of what you are trying to get people to opt into. Instead of “Sign up for our e-mail newsletter” (which reads as “please let us put more mess in your e-mail inbox”), try something specific like “Get our newsletter with free fi nancial tips, tools, and helpful saving advice!” or “Get our e-book on the Six Simple Saving Steps that you can start today, and become a part of our fi nancial tips e-newsletter list.”

Beware that an e-mail collected from a person who has e-mailed your organization, purchased something from your website, or filled out a lead form is not implied permission to add them to an e-mail list. Use the e-mail best practice of getting people to opt in (meaning they specifically say “Yes, I want to receive your e-mail messages”) so the list is high quality. Make opt-in for e-mail a separate check box on any online forms (such as leads, contest sign-ups, and contact forms) to boost e-mail list growth. Even when people have to register with your site to make a purchase, adding a user checkbox to opt in can boost a quality list build.

If you have the opt-in box automatically checked as a default on a form, or just take the e-mail and add it to a list without permission, when users get your e-mail, they may not remember that they have opted in and may label your e-mails as spam upon receipt. If enough people flag your e-mails as spam, you or your organization will generate a lot of bad will and possibly get your e-mails banned by most providers. Respect is reciprocal—ask for permission and you will get the recipients’ respect back in return.

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