The Best Ads Are Tested Ads

online-adsOnline advertising success varies per product, service, goal, and industry. In order to find your optimal equation for success, you need to test everything. Ideas are created then implemented, but without commitment to managing, monitoring, and optimizing new efforts, success may never fully be achieved.

You can get amazing results by constantly testing, tweaking, and optimizing ads. Put two different ads up for a week and track conversions. If one wins handily, make that your “control,” or the one to beat. Tweak your control.

Change the words, the order of the words, landing pages, ad messaging, and more. Little differences can yield big results. Once you have the text that works best, play with text size, text color, background color, and more. Each time you find a winner, crown that one the new king of the control, and keep trying to beat it.

If you are buying search ads, it is a best practice to tailor the advertising copy to fit with the searched keywords. Remember, web surfers scan. Think of it this way: the searched keywords are the question; the text of your ad should be the answer.

The goal of some ads is to spur the click. Some ad copy is more geared to really prequalify a user to help get closer to making a sale. The goal will be up to you to define. Once the goal is clear, the ad copy can support this.

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