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About Blogging

Some marketing professionals believe blogging is too frivolous to be a real marketing tool. Does writing about a dogs reaction to lunch produce real business leads? Probably not, ...

About Email Marketing

Traditional marketing methods like television and radio distribute messages in a way that is like shouting across a crowd. Today’s “new school” web marketing is less ...

About Web Analytics

One of the biggest distinctions of online marketing is its immediate tracking capability. Web analytics are the lifeblood of an online marketer, offering insightful information about ...

Online Advertising Is Not Only Search Engines

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the area of online advertising that secures the majority of overall online advertising dollars (a combination of all online advertising areas like paid ...

The Purpose Of A Website

A strategic website’s core purpose is to serve, support, and sell. Specific marketing goals will vary by organization. They may include sharing information, selling a product, completing ...

Why Search Engine Marketing Is So Important

More than 90 percent of the online population uses a search engine to find products, services, and information. Once a search engine visitor types a query into the search box and receives ...
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