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blog-world-mouseSome marketing professionals believe blogging is too frivolous to be a real marketing tool. Does writing about a dogs reaction to lunch produce real business leads? Probably not, unless that topic is written by a leading veterinary dietitian.

Suddenly that seemingly frivolous blog posting about a healed dog could get the writer or the organization media recognition, boosting their credibility, visibility, and sellability. Great awareness does produce business leads.

Web marketing is about creating a relationship. Blogging supports relationship building in that it creates a conversation. Blogging serves a number of vital web marketing purposes simultaneously:

– Blogging is a powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tool to pop an organization’s name to the top of search engine results pages listings.

– Blogging allows professionals to leverage their expertise, positioning themselves as authorities in their field, boosting credibility and sellability.

– Blogging paired with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds allows postings to instantly fill the mailbox or feed reader of everyone who has opted in.

– Blogging allows free feedback due to its ability to allow readers to post their own comments, critiques, and questions.

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