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Programming and Alcohol – Ballmer Peak


How to Block Referrer Spam Bots

About referrer spam Referrer spam requests are requests for some pages with a faked referrer string (where the user came from). Normally this is just annoying as it appears in your ...

Symfony v2.6.0 Released

Symfony is a PHP web application framework for MVC applications. Symfony is free software and released under the MIT license. Version 2.6.0 has just been released and it comes with ...

How to install GIMP 2.8.14 on Ubuntu

GIMP is a multi-platform image manipuation software (GNU Image Manipulation Program). It is perfect for many photo manipulation tasks, including images composition and construction, ...
Zend Framework 2.0 by Example Beginners Guide Paperback Amazon  01

Zend Framework 2 Books

Zend Framework 2 is relatively new PHP framework that has almost nothing in common with the previous version, Zend Framework 1. Because of this there are not many books on this topic ...

Multi-Lingual Site Content Structure Best Practices

In a discussion with Taiwen Jiang, the author of Pi Engine (Zend Framework 2 powered CMS) at GitHub regarding multi-lingual site structure, I mentioned some possible solutions. This ...

PHP – JSON Indent Function

Starting from version 5.4.0, PHP function json_encode() has additional option, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT, determining whether json data should be formatted in a human readable format or not ...

WordPress – Deleting Images When Deleting Post

One of the problem with WordPress is when you delete a post, its attachments will not be deleted, i.e. if the post has attached images they’ll remain on the server and file system Note: ...

WordPress – How to Delete Users With SQL Queries

If you want to remove WordPress user(s) and all their data here are SQL queries you should run over your database (just replace %USERS IDs% with ids of users need to be deleted. -- ...

About Social Media Marketing

Social platforms are doing more than driving buzz. Social outlets like blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are driving purchases; travel; and romantic, political, and other real-world ...
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