Not All Link Building is Created Equal

link-building-01This article is about how not all link building is equal.

With the changes Google has made to their algorithms recently this is especially true. Google doesn’t just count the sheer number of links paying no attention to where the links are coming from. If that were the case then if you had 1000 links you’d always beat a site fighting for the same keyphrase who only had 900 links. And it’s never worked like that.

Google’s got a more sophisticated process than just the number of links. They take into account the ‘authority’ of the site the link comes from.

There are high authority and low authority SITES you can get links from. A good example of a high authority site is one that’s got a lot of high authority links to it. High authority links might include real sites who value the content. So a blog that has a lot of visitors, a commercial site, or someone’s hobby site. Low authority links might be article directories, website directories, and sites in public blog networks.

Basically, these types of sites don’t have a whole lot to offer. People don’t really want to visit them. They only exist so you can get links in exchange for some of your content.

So it’s not just that Google takes into account the sites linking to you, but the quality of the sites linking to the sites linking to you.

It’s hard to explain… And I’ve just given myself a headache trying to express it to you. But hopefully that makes sense.

They can often tell if the sites linking to you are quality sites by looking at the sites linking back to them.

Stuff to think about when you’re considering whether or not to buy a cheap SEO backlink service. At best it’s probably not going to count much, at worse it might actually make your rankings go down.

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