Is SEO Doing To Be Too Difficult?

seo-keywordsI know a lot of people think to themselves, should I even try to go after high search engine rankings? That’s a question only you can answer, but I’ve done really well getting and keeping high search engine rankings throughout the years. I think it’s a great way to get traffic and highly recommend optimizing your sites so that you can get that free traffic.

Otherwise the top spaces in Google are just going to go to someone else. And that may wind up being your competitor! So it’s kind of a wasted effort if you don’t at least try. But I suggest also looking for traffic from any other means possible in addition to search engine traffic. You absolutely want to diversify where your traffic’s coming from. There’s no reason not to.

Only getting traffic from the search engines is not the greatest strategy because you can’t really control what they do. Most of their rankings are spit out by a computer algorithm so you never know what’s going to happen next with them. One thing I tell people who are short on time and feel overwhelmed with having to do it all is to optimize your site as best you can.

– And if that’s all you have time for that can be your complete SEO plan.

– You don’t have to build links forever if you don’t have time.

– You don’t have to build links at all if you don’t want.

Just by optimizing your site around keyphrases people are searching for and creating great content along with a few other fundamental SEO tips you’ll be on the road to high rankings. From there you should have time to also seek traffic from other places too. The nice thing is that there are a lot of other ways to get traffic. You can get traffic from YouTube, social media like Facebook and Twitter, paid ads like pay-per-click and media buys. There are a ton of places. If you have a product or a service then you can also start an affiliate program. You really shouldn’t rely on just the search engines for ALL your traffic.

Especially if you’ve taken the time to put together a great site. You’ll want to get it out there everywhere you can!

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