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online-advertising-target-laptopA website has many entrances. Some sites create landing pages specifically to link to online ads or offerings. Instead of getting the home page when the user clicks on these links, some ads are set to go to a specific page that speaks to the particulars that the link promised.

If you have an online ad that says “Click here to get a 30 percent off coupon,” send that user to the specific page that matches the promised content.

Taking them to the home page and making them find that coupon on their own is bad service. Landing pages reinforce the message and the goal, and help guide people to where you want them to go.

Landing pages are also great for segmentation. If your 30 percent discount offer is addressed to parents, the text would be unique to that audience. If the pitch is to kids, the language would be different. From a design point of view, landing pages can’t be an afterthought. You must look at online advertising from start to finish (ad placement, targeting, message, landing page) and include the site’s look and feel into the campaign planning.

The most successful campaigns work when the ad brings users to a landing page specifically designed for that content. When landing pages and online advertising work hand-in-glove, goal conversions follow.

Optimize Your PPC Landing Pages to Increase Paid Search Advertising Conversions

The landing page used in your PPC ads is an important factor in determining your Google Quality Score, and can help boost your paid search conversions.

Search engines will find these landing pages. If they find keywords, they may rank the landing page higher than the home page for specific keywords and phrases, which can boost ranking in the paid search order. The quality of the landing page is part of Google’s ranking order in addition to the bid price per click and the click-through rate.

Want to boost your pay-per-click advertising conversions and maximize your Google AdWords investment? Where you direct your users after they click on your ad is a critical element to consider. You should always link your ads to the most relevant page on your site. When users click on your ad, they want to be taken to a website page that matches your PPC ad message. Having a landing page that isn’t relevant to your PPC campaign not only confuses users, it also confuses Google.

In addition to matching your landing page messaging to your PPC campaign, you should also optimize your landing page for relevant keywords that you are buying. This means that if you are buying multiple phrases, you may need to create several landing pages optimized for those keywords. This is a long-term investment, as Google rewards relevance by boosting Quality Score (which enhances ad positioning and helps you lower bids/costs).

Once you find a formula of keywords, PPC ads, and landing pages that seems to work with your audience, roll it out with more keywords, testing and tweaking your way to total world domination.

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