When Is the Best Day to Blog?

Blog CalendarRemember that writing a blog entry and releasing it to the public don’t have to happen in tandem. Planning and working ahead are excellent habits. The decision when to unleash a blog entry is based on a few considerations.

– Monitor web traffic patterns. For some professional websites, traffic tends to decrease a lot on weekends, because they serve working professionals (who put in most of their hours Monday through Friday). Professionals may consider blogging more during the week because Google

– Analytics web data shows that’s when people are on the site. It pays to pay attention to patterns and then act accordingly.

– Blog when you have something valuable to say. Blogs and news are best served freshly squeezed. Don’t worry about the day; just get it out there.

– If the content serves and supports your readers (and has value), then post it. If you feel like you want to blog only Monday through Friday, then you can always set the post to auto-launch during the week. It is easy to queue up blog posts so they launch at a later date.

– Leverage media relevancy (buzz). If there is industry news that is buzzing, then it is prime time to blog about it. Piggyback on what is out there in the news and blog your point of view as the trends hit.

– Focus on your audience. Who are you trying to serve? What content can you blog that will help them? Focus more attention on creating content that will serve your audience and less on which day of the week it appears. As for days of the week, some recommend Monday morning while others swear by Thursday afternoon. Make note of when comments are coming in to the blog and listen to the feedback you get off your site. You can learn so much when you just open your eyes and see what feedback you are getting (comments, tweets, retweets, data, etc.). Focus on quality over quantity, and blog to serve (not just to sell) and you will be light-years ahead of the other bloggers in cyberspace who are scratching their heads over how to blog to boost business.

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