What is WordPress

wp-badgeWordPress is a free, content management system (CMS) script programmed in PHP, for building and maintenance websites or blogs. In the beginning WordPress was intended to be a blogging platform only, but it has become much more than that.

Now, it is real CMS and it is capable for creating very advanced websites that anybody can use to build full-sized and media-rich business websites.

Why to use WordPress

There are many reasons why to consider using WordPress for your website or blog, but I’m going to mention only main of them.


WordPress look and feel is based on Themes. They are consist of layouts, images and CSS styles, so they’re easy to customize  Every other non-WordPress theme created with Photoshop or any design software could be transformed to a theme.

Easy to use

You don’t need any programming or advanced knowledge of HTML, PHP, JavaScript or any other “buzzwords”. Writing posts and adding or editing content work a lot like simple word processing software. Every step is intuitive and easy to use, and because the interface is web based, creating and editing content can be performed from anywhere.


A plugin is a PHP script that extends core WordPress functionality. Almost whatever you wish and it doesn’t  exist by default, you can achieve using plugins. Installation is straight forward and you can install, active and configure plugins from the Admin panel


This is one of the greatest feature, the update process is automatic, you need only to click the Install Updates button and the whole process will be done without manually copying files. This works not only for core WordPress installation, but for plugins, too.

There are many other features I’ve not mentioned, but I hope that this is enough for you to start using WordPress for your next blog.

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