How to Write a Blog Quickly

Quick bloggingThe most prolific writers in the world swear by these simple steps to get writing projects completed quickly:

1) Schedule a regular time to write when everyone knows you should not be disturbed.

2) Create a writing ritual that gets your head in the game. Sharpen pencils. Free write. Pet your cat for two minutes. Spin around three times. Do whatever it takes.

3) Outline first. Quickly sketch out your opening, basic points, and closer, then assign a rough word count to each. You can veer off your outline if inspiration strikes, but without an outline too many bloggers get stuck.

4) Write as fast as you can without editing along the way. Creative writers teach this technique because it works. Think first, edit later.

5) If you need to drop in a fact that requires research, write in a placeholder and find the fact later. Don’t stop writing for anything, but do get your facts before you publish. Here’s an insider’s trick: Most publishers use the letters TC to signify “To Come” (as in “On date TC, Joe Smith, age TC, married Sue Jones, age TC”). Writers frequently fall down the research rabbit hole, never to emerge. Write first. Find the missing facts later. Enjoy life. Repeat.

6) Use the phone. If you can speak, you can write. Most cell phones can record audio files that can be synced to a computer. If that doesn’t work, just call your voice mail, leave a message for yourself, and type it out later. Some voice-mail systems like Google Voice and others will machine translate voice-mail messages with accuracy somewhere between the uncanny and hilariously wrong. The return on investment on blogging (hands free, of course) while stuck in traffic is well worth it. You could transform your commute from road-rage-inducing to the most fun and creative time of your day.

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