Google AdWords Shared Budget

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Now you can combine multiple AdWords campaigns under one shared budget so you can continue driving visitors to your website when one comapaign reaches its limit.


Sharing makes sense

Shared budgets is a new feature that lets you combine multiple campaigns under one daily budget. If one campaign has a slow day, your budget will automatically shift resources to a campaign that has hit its budget limit so you don’t miss any opportunities.

Having a shared budget means you’ll continue to drive customers to your website because your spend will be spread around to the campaigns that can benefit from it most.

How to create a shared budget

1) Select the Campaign tab

2) Click the Shared library link in the left navigation bar

3) Click Budgets located beneath the Shared library link

4) Click New budget

5) Enter Name for your shared budget, select some campaigns and set a budget amount

6) Save the changes. You are free to make any other changes later, if you want to.

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