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freelance-01Freelance working is when someone work temporary and when he or she is self-employed. Freelance jobs are flexible and provide high level of control over the incomes of the workers. There are many freelance jobs such as: writing, graphic design, illustration, computer programming and advertising.

The use of Internet increases every day and this increases freelance job opportunity as well.


Wikipedia says that first term ’’freelance’’ was used by Sir Walter Scott in ’’Ivanhoe’’. There, he narrates how medieval fighter are hired or they are ’’free-lance’’. In the early 1900’s freelancing is considered for artists who are employed temporary.


Freelance is job classified as work for hire where freelancer sells his/her work to an independent employer. Freelancer develop his/her skills during the freelancing, and in modern times freelancer is independent contractor as a freelancer, or someone whose work is performed as consultant in freelancing.


Freelancing is something more then just be creative and work alone. Administrative work and similar works composing independent professional work.

Freelancing is seasonal because freelancer who work administrative works such as tax prepares, merger and acquisition consultant works are employed for something that is actual during transition periods.


Freelancing provide flexibility and freedom in organizing time for work, but freelancing is deadline-driven. Freelancer must meet deadlines if he has will to work again for his employer. Clients of the freelancer must see quality of freelancer’s work.


Reasons for freelancing can be various. The most popular reasons are flexibility in working time and working at home. Freelancing is very independent type of work and your salary can be higher then it would be if you were working for some regular employer.

Freelance jobs are good because you can choose what you will work and when you will work it. Working for regular employer in some company can be very stressful and working as freelancer gives you more opportunities and flexible working time.

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